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Smoking blends

Smoking blend
The usage is already performed since thousands of years in every cultures and so likewise the research of the effect of fragrance substances, which is generated by burning of resins and herbs is done, Greeted with a smile since years, today they find more and more adherents because in most cases it is scientifically proofed that fragrances effect cleaning, energy supplying, calming and harmonizing according to their composition. They work effectively against stress and as has been proven generate a pleasant feeling of wellness. Particularly in the esoteric sector smoking blends are to be found because of their vogue so that meanwhile the assortment grows steadily, this also applies to the convinced users. Even at healers the energetic smoking craft is deployed with the target to dissolve negative energies as well as the connection of human to a higher dimension of spiritual stages. Frequently we associate fragrances more intense than sounds or pictures with beautiful, pleasant experiences, for example frequently the smell of straw or hay reminds of the summer time and so of the childhood and the again and again nice, long tercentenary holidays.

Smoking crafts consist for example ether of resin, lumbers and herbs. In the esoteric the smoking craft are applied for several purposes. Additionally smoking sticks are available, but the pureness of these isn’t assigned like the mentioned ones. Another advance of the smoking craft compared to smoking sticks consists both of a longer available fragrance and as a consequence the effectiveness desired by the user of a smoking blend is raised because of the herbs.

The mixture for smoking are mainly applied in the esoteric but both the esoteric and the smoking buoyancy gets more and more followers. In today’s times which are shapes by stress, misfortune, soul diseases, negative energies and many others, the full kinds are quite popular for all thinkable applications, whereas the origin and status of the “smoker” doesn’t play a role in the industrial world.

Smoking is for example performed to generate a good mood, luck, concentration or dreams or also in the hope of money and love. For the smoking very many mixtures are available.

For witches – who in deed still exist today and who for the most part also openly confess to it, because luckily no chasing, burning and likewise damn witches by the rule any more. Also for them, the witches, the smoking craft belongs besides other things or items to the basic equipment.

The aroma therapy can by all means contribute to an improvement of the health and many mood conditions by smoking and also with this the number of followers increases.

Already since ages the Indians perform the smoking with the target of bringing about wishes, visions and healing.

Smoking can be performed on several kinds, so for example special smoking bins as well as smoking coal exist. For this, one puts coal into the bin, incents it and lets it glow. After that the corresponding smoking blend is put on top of it and one can dedicate himself to the fragrance – according to the smoking blend one has chosen –and can get in touch with his inner being, calm down and after this ritual one as proven feels better, calmer and relaxed.

An example shall be mentioned: the frankincense (Olibanum). Many human smoke using frankincense, because this has a positive effect on human particularly at disturbance, fear, panic attacks and depressions. Even comprehensive studies about the die psychoactive substances in the frankincense exist, which at animal models showed positive, fear resolving and antidepressant features. Admittedly still not scientifically proven, but indeed the force of the frankincense alone, which is available in different varieties, is known for its pleasant smell among the users.

The fragrant substances and their „secret“– smoking- and herb blends
The among others oldest sense of the phase of evolution respectively of the history of human is the sense to smell and got already very early a high stage of development. The sense to smell is functioning like the following: Though the nose smell-information of millions of nerve cells are forwarded to the brain. By this oldest region of the development history of the brain besides the smelling sense also the world of feelings is controlled. By the forwarding of these smelling impulses to other areas of the brain both emotional and body reactions are generated. This most complex sense organ is also named as limbic System by the science, its functions and importance since several years gets a research in more detail. Among others hereby was determined that the cerebrum, so our sanity, forwards smelling information to the so called limbic System uncensored.

Which important and concise function is applied to the limbic System, can already be seen because it hasn’t just the task to generate choices according to sympathy or also antipathy for other human, but its main task has a big significance and so it influences each of our moods and emotions. But this is not enough, because also the support of our immune system is applied to it as well as the relationship of the healing process.
Therefrom it is obvious, which important role is applied to our sense to smell, what many people aren’t aware of.


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