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Herbal Incense

Herbal Incense

Herbal incense play an important role particularly as herb medicine in the esoteric sector. Like it also applies to smoking blends, these were firstly considered as hokum for centuries, but the fight for herbs and hereby particularly healing herbs respectively herb blends, to publish the absolute positive effect more and more, was worse while.

Not by chance for all people of this earth herb mixtures play an important role in healing arts. Healing herbs were already several centuries before Christ foremost known in the Old Orient, India and in China. By the way herbs are already mentioned in written form 1.500 before Christ. Old advanced civilizations worship herbs respectively its blends as a part of divinity. The discovery of the mentioned one was attributed to the creatures or gods of the mythology. People experienced within the scope of their search for food knowledge about healing herbs and herb mixtures as well as through observations of animals, which, if they suffered from a disease, took in distinctive herbs.

The effect of herbs and its mixtures

Legal herbs are applied particularly in the healing arts. So the moon herb is said to have the ability to heal tumors. Shen-nung, the Chinese emperor, very much praises the healing forces of mulberry bark, cinnamon as well as Ginseng. Even today still Ginseng shall be mentioned as an example because of its several different effects, which is produced in different administration form and is available in stores. In particular the Olive oil, castor oil, myrrh as well as cloves are appreciated by the old Egypt people. Also Greece discovers very soon its positive effects. In the middle ages a big part of the knowledge of this was applied the estimation to be „unchristian“, was simply rejected and even put on a level with magic and witchcraft.

In today times herbs get also in form of healing herbs, very big vogue in all the population layers and are appreciated both in the esoteric and in the healing arts because its effect on many areas is proven. Additionally at medicine application, no up to just light side effects are generated. In contradiction to the medication produced by the pharmaceutical industry, which frequently heal the origin disease but merely create worse symptoms because of its many side effects. This is not the case for herbs and its compilation which aren’t only applied as medicine products.

Our assortment consists of a number of herbs, which you can ether produce by yourself according to a recipe respectively from already complete assembled mixtures of herbs, which according to the current product description, serve for several purposes, e.g. for assignment for rituals, for cleaning.


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