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Customer information

Notes about purchase use of the products offered:
By placing order the buyer acknowledges to be at least 18 years of age. Malicious misstatements are illegal and will be prosecuted. The products can be shipped worldwide!

Our products do not contain any forbidden substances, ingredients, which that fall within narcotics regulation or which contravened by the Drug Registration and Administration Act.

We do not promote any form of abuse and note, that any ora andl, nasal application nhalation is absolutely not recommended!

Should you intend to abuse the products, we ask you refrain from ordering!

Our products are plant feeder smoking mixtures for enhancing of the air in the room, and accessories. These should only be used such purposes.

We will not held t responsible for damages taht occur because of abuse!
Storage of our products: Store in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Legal information:
Please note that any purchase in our online shop is legally binding. If you have made an order and haven´t made a cancellation within two weeks, you are obliged to pay the amount invoiced.

Should you fail to fulfill this duty, we will claim the debts with help of an encashment company. This will create enormous extra costs for you. Furthermore a negative statement at the SCHUFA Holding AG will be given.

Liability for shipment problems:
Please note, that we are not liable for errors, that may occur when placing an order and entering your personal data. For example, you have stated a false address and the merchandise can’t be delivered, you are responsible for the costs (8,00 Euro) of the new delivery
The same applies not collecting the shipment at the post office.


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